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4 inspiring people who changed career paths

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So, what if you studied a business law course but your passions prompt you to pursue something a little different? Don’t panic, and don’t let what you studied force you in a career direction that’s not what you want. You could always use the laws of business you learned to start your own company, proving that knowledge is never wasted. Many famous names once pursued other avenues before they found their true life purpose and success!

Julia Child

Before she became one of the most well-known chefs of all time, Julia Child worked in various industries, each more interesting than the next. These include advertising, media and even the secret service! She also only wrote her first cookbook at the age of 50, proving that it’s never too late to find your passion.

Vera Wang

What was the world’s most famous wedding dress designer doing before she made the big time? She was an aspiring Olympic figure skater and also a journalist. Eventually, her creativity got the better of her and she began designing the creations she’s known for today.

Jeff Bezos

With a lucrative career in Computer Science, Jeff Bezos said goodbye to his job on Wall Street, worked for various financial firms and eventually became the founder of online shopping giant Amazon!

Harland Sanders

As the famous name and face behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders wasn’t always so passionate about chicken. In fact, before he franchised KFC at the age of 62, he was a gas station attendant, railroad worker and lawyer!

It’s never to late to change your career!

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