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Build your brand with Marketing Management courses

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Does your brand have what it takes to stand out?

These days, it’s all about differentiating yourself in a crowded market full of brands that offer similar products and services to you. When it comes to achieving this, it often means less hard-core sales jargon, and a more unique brand identity. The right marketing and Marketing Management courses can go a long way.

Step one: know who you are!

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Knowing your brand and what makes it different is the starting point. Once you know this, you will be able to create an identity that consumers will be able to resonate with. Create a unique tone and persona that people want to engage with and remember. When you have this, you can move on to step two…

Step two: know your market

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Your brand will never reign supreme if you don’t know who your market is and how to speak to them. Using research and statistics on who your target audience is and what they will respond to, will allow you to create and tailor your marketing strategy to grab their attention… and keep it!

Step three: have a plan!

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Decide which channels are relevant for marketing your brand. Digital is always recommended, but if your target audience is 70 years old and up with little to no Internet usage, you might be wasting your time and budget. Carefully consider the channels you will use as this step is normally make or break for a brand.

Step four: sign off brand elements

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From a name to a logo and even a website, your brand identity needs to be strong and relevant. Creating a recognisable logo and memorable name applicable to what you do will make it easier for people to remember and talk about you. Steer clear of anything that is confusing or hard to pronounce. Ensure that you involve your staff in this process to make them feel involved. Have a brainstorm on key values that the brand stands for so that you know what your customer experience deliverables should be.

Step five: you can never know too much…

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When it comes to giving your brand the extra edge, it pays to stay up to date with the latest in marketing strategies. At The Business School, our IIE Marketing Management - Distance Programmes have helped many small to medium business owners improve their brand credibility. Through Marketing Management distance learning, you could take your brand to exciting new heights without taking time away from the office. For more on this accredited 5-month Short Learning Programme, please visit,

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