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Common questions about operations management

Operations management

When it comes to the world of occupations, there are a few that seem to confuse people. Operations management (OM) is one such example, but not to worry, we’re here to set the record straight and answer a few commonly asked questions about this industry…

It’s all about efficiency

Operations management involves the careful and effective administration of business practices in order to secure the utmost efficiency within an organisation. This is important, as efficiency equals productivity, which in turn equals profitability. While we’re on the subject of money, have a look at the below...

It maximises profitability

Because the process of managing operations involves converting materials and labour into goods and services as effectively and efficiently as possible, this often maximises the profits of a business. The better the production management, the more money is saved and the greater the profit yielded. It’s a domino effect in the best kind of way, which is why so many organisations are after great operations managers!


This profession is often considered a multidisciplinary one because you’ll be wearing many hats. This makes its candidates highly sought-after, as people who can perform several roles prove to be of high value to any organisation. So if you’re considering becoming an operations process professional, we’ve got a hunch that you won’t be without a job for very long.

Yes you can!

There are many options available to candidates wishing to venture down this career path. In fact, there are so many that you’ll need to do your research to ensure that you choose the best possible one. We recommend checking out accreditations and even lecture schedules to ensure that you’ll be able to maximise your productivity.

For the best career make the choice that counts

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