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Part-time degrees: A new age of studying

part-time BCom degree

Newsflash: getting a qualification doesn’t have to take up all of your time…

When you think of getting a degree, you’re probably picturing having to attend lectures all day, every day, with little free time to get work experience, raise a family or do the things you enjoy. Well, times have changed. A new wave of studies has emerged, making qualifications like a part-time BCom degree an accessible and popular option.

What makes a part-time BCom degree so well suited to today’s student population is that it allows people to transcend obstacles like working hours and family commitments in order to get a degree. This is something to be celebrated, as it gives those already in the working world a chance at furthering themselves through education.

This part-time degree provides an important framework in the fields of business management, strategic management and commerce. With course material structured in a way that it strengthens your aptitude for your chosen industry, you’ll be making your way up the career ladder in no time.

"If it is important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse." – Daniel Decker

Another reason to get excited about this degree is because not everyone was born to study in a traditional setting. The IIE Bachelor of Commerce - Distance Degree is geared towards those who prefer a combination of self-study in the comfort of their own home; with the support of an online tutor; plus the additional value of face-to-face sessions. This is a first in distance learning in South Africa.

The great news is you can study this degree through The Business School at Varsity College. It is offered by The Independent Institute of Education, South Africa’s highest private higher education provider in partnership with The Open University, the largest distance tertiary provider in the United Kingdom.

The right qualification behind you can make all the difference. Don’t let life to get in the way of pursuing your dream career. For more on The IIE BCom – Distance degree, why not contact us today,

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