The benefits of an Operations Management Programme

26 July 2016
course in operations management

When it comes to starting your career in operations management, few things can beat the solid foundation of a great course in operations management...

To be completely honest, we’re not sure anything can. It’s why we offer a Short Learning Programme in Operations Management for those looking to make a splash in the realm of production management. Knowing what you stand to gain from a programme like this one from The Business School could help make your decision a much easier one.

For starters, there’s the foundation of practical knowledge that comes with a course in operations management. You know, the technical terminology that will help you get a grip on what’s expected of you in a manufacturing or operations process role. With the right kind of information at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to a promising career in operations management.

course in operations management
"Education is the movement from darkness to light"
Alan Bloom

The IIE’s Higher Certificate in Business Principles & Practice is an ideal one-year management qualification for those looking to venture into communications and project administration. Comprising the right blend of business skills, this programme is popular among students interested in business, entrepreneurship, public relations, accounting and user-end computing.

At The Business School at Varsity College, the Short Learning programme in Operations Management is co-ordinated by qualified lecturers with Industry experience in the programmes they lecture

Why not seize the chance to pursue a Short Learning Programme in Operations Management Programme from The Business School?

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What students past and current are saying.

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"The IIE Project Management and Business Management programmes from The Business School at Varsity College has taught me teamwork skills. I have also learned other soft skills which include learning to delegate and developing the foresight to prevent problems before they arise through preventative planning measures."

Thokozani TK Ndawonde, Founder of Durban Marquee Invasion (DMI) ,The Business School Durban North Campus

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"The innovative, high quality lecturing at The Business School motivated me to work hard and I made it the top 10 achievers for the 2015 ICB examination, nationally."

Natasha Visser

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"I have always had a passion and aptitude for Accounting, and dream of becoming an Accountant. The ICB offering really appealed to me. Through hard work and determination I have taken a crucial step towards reaching my goal, while fostering good friendships with my fellow students and lecturers."

Gerard Paulsen, Invoicing Clerk.

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