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How event management programmes help you turn your passion into your career

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So, you think you might like to study an event management programme but you’re wondering how it might help you in the working world? You’d be surprised to know just how many students are asking the same question! At The IIE’s Business School, we’re passionate about helping all of our candidates follow their dream careers. If you’re excited by the prospects of event planning, here’s why you should consider a programme with us:

Planning is everything

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The IIE’s event management programme will equip each student with the necessary skills to plan events from start to finish! The success of any event always lies in how well it has been planned. This includes taking into account budgetary constraints and client wishes. This programme will help you stay on top of things so that when you’re in the working world and planning an event, you never miss a beat!

Money matters

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When it comes to organising an event, the budget is a key factor that guides the planning and execution. Remaining on budget is a skill that not many are born with. Through this event management programme, you’ll learn how to create a budget, how to stick to one and how to make your clients’ money go further.

Do your research

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As any event planner knows, you need to learn all you can about your industry and its suppliers. This often means vetting potential service providers before you agree to give them business. With your reputation on the line, you’ll need to get references and reviews on all vendors so that you can help your client make an informed decision.

Stay on trend

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Identifying what’s trending is also a big part of being an event manager. Being able to guide clients in what their event should or shouldn’t feature will go a long way in securing your credibility. The IIE Diploma in Events Management programme will help you learn the ins and outs of identifying trends in the events world so that you can plan events that impress!

Get a qualification that will take you places

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When it comes to your studies, there are several options available to you. We’d like to encourage you to ensure that you choose a tertiary education provider that is respected and accredited. The Business School is part Varsity College a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). To find out how we can help you grow in your chosen career path, please visit our website, www.thebusinessschool.co.za.

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