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Essential human resource management skills

The Business School / 12 February 2017 /

In Human Resources, HR management courses alone aren’t going to help you climb the corporate ladder. In fact, they’re only half the battle won.

Commonly asked questions about bookkeeping

The Business School / 13 February 2017 /

The bookkeeping industry is an exciting and popular one. It’s also proven to be quite profitable as well. The demand for bookkeepers is one of the many reasons why so many people choose to take bookkeeping courses.

How event management programmes help you turn your passion into your career

The Business School / 13 April 2017 /

So, you think you might like to study an event management programme but you’re wondering how it might help you in the working world?

Common questions about operations management

The Business School / 14 April 2017 /

Read all the facts you will need to understand operation management

How an Office Administration course prepares you for the working world

The Business School / 15 April 2017 /

An office administration course is an ideal foundation for a career in an office environment.

Maximise your time with these study hacks!

The Business School / 16 April 2017 /

Studying - a word that brings terror to even the most academic of minds. But it needn’t always be met with fear.

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