Corporate Programmes

The IIE’s Business School corporate programme focuses on providing employers with a prime opportunity to expand employee knowledge, and ultimately yield maximum return. An effective training programme will help a company create capable leaders, increase employee satisfaction and reduce attrition rates.  


  • Customised corporate training.
  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Providing immediate impact to empower and equip employees.
  • Better customer service.
  • Upskilling staff to do different
    tasks – creating job flexibility.
  • Equipping staff to take on more responsibility.
  • IIE Short Learning Programmes Worshop.

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What students past and current are saying.

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"I've completed 2 courses with The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Cape Town. My experience with this institution has been overwhelming. The staff and lectures are very helpful and excellent in the roles they play. Their schedules and time frames for each of the courses I've finished thus far have been 100% correct."

Stanley Roman

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"The course was so practical, I feel like I have the ability to go out and manage a project. It's not all theory that I have no clue how to apply. It was a privilege to learn from Bobby Keller at The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Pretoria. He has a lifetime of experience to share."

Lida van Eden

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"The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Cape Town gave me a chance to experience tertiary education the way it should be. I am able to go into the working world with some of their academic teachings and life advice."

Thabiseng Chiwashira

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