All business decisions have financial implications, but many managers, who may be highly skilled within their specific disciplines, lack the financial literacy required to perform at optimum level. This practical short learning programme has been designed to provide middle and senior managers with advanced knowledge and skills in capital budgeting, financial statement analysis and cash flow analysis, to function effectively in those areas of accounting and finance that are encountered daily in the business world. It provides students with an understanding of the impact of making appropriate financial decisions in the best interest of the business.



Non-financial middle to senior managers seeking greater understanding of financial management and the impact of operating decisions on the financial health of the business.



Lectures are conducted once a week in the evening or on a Saturday morning over 14 weeks. Please note that some programme offerings are scheduled over 17 weeks depending on the duration of the lectures.


Programmes Material

The short learning programme fee includes all programme material, which becomes the property of the student. This material constitutes a valuable source of on-going reference.


Programme Evaluation

Students will be required to complete a Case Study at the close of the programme.



  • The programme aims to enable students to function effectively in those areas of accounting and financial management that are encountered daily in the business world.

  • The SLP provides students with an understanding of the mechanics of accounting, the skills needed to interpret financial statements of a business entity and make appropriate financial and investment decisions.

  •  Different budgeting and costing methods and recording procedures are also introduced. Cost behaviour and break even analysis techniques are examined to enable students to perform cost-volume-profit analysis within a business organisation.



The IIE has been internationally recognised and accredited by The British Accreditation Council (BAC). The BAC has been responsible for setting Standards within the independent further and higher education sector for 25 years. Their accreditation is held by hundreds of colleges in the UK and overseas. They provide the leading mark of educational quality for the sector, which is used by students, parents, agencies and beyond as a guarantee of standards. For more information please visit


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The following topics are covered:        

Introduction to corporate finance        

  •  The types of business formats by investigating their legal requirements, characteristics and financial objectives.        

  •  Understand the processes used to formulate and implement financial strategies.        

  •  Analysis of business performance through interpretation of financial statements to support business decisions and strategy formation.        


Short term financial planning        

  • Drafting of budgets as a forecasting tool        

  • Techniques to analyse and management business costs.        

  • Working capital management to manage the effective use of the company’s cash flow.        


Financing decisions        

  •  Sources of finance to fund business decisions and understand the resulting cost of such capital.        

  •  Using the calculation for cost of capital to choose between the most feasible sources of finance for the company.        


Investing decisions        

  • The impact of Time on the value of money.        

  • Using appropriate tools to evaluate investment projects and choose the best option/s for the company.        

  • Control of investment projects        


*This is subject to change in order to keep content relevant


Finance for Managers is a short learning programme (SLP) that is certified by the Independent Institute of Education and endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management (CIBM). Students enrolled in this short learning programme can apply, on successful completion, to be exempt based on recognition of prior learning for the equivalent module on the IIE Management Development Programme. All short learning programmes (SLPs) that are available through The Business School have been specifically designed for working adults. These SLPs differ from the full qualifications that are also available through Varsity College and which are registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Before you register you must ensure that the programme you select best suits your individual learning and workplace objectives.


What students past and current are saying.

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"The IIE Project Management and Business Management programmes from The Business School at Varsity College has taught me teamwork skills. I have also learned other soft skills which include learning to delegate and developing the foresight to prevent problems before they arise through preventative planning measures."

Thokozani TK Ndawonde, Founder of Durban Marquee Invasion (DMI) ,The Business School Durban North Campus

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"The innovative, high quality lecturing at The Business School motivated me to work hard and I made it the top 10 achievers for the 2015 ICB examination, nationally."

Natasha Visser

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"I have always had a passion and aptitude for Accounting, and dream of becoming an Accountant. The ICB offering really appealed to me. Through hard work and determination I have taken a crucial step towards reaching my goal, while fostering good friendships with my fellow students and lecturers."

Gerard Paulsen, Invoicing Clerk.

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