Human Resource Management is an important function in any organisation, because without people, organisations cannot operate and without competent people, organisations cannot achieve competitive advantage in the market.      

The knowledge gained in this module is an essential foundation for any management or entrepreneurial programme because it focuses on the management of people. For those students specialising in human resource management, this module is the first stage in understanding the principles, processes and procedures that underlie human resource management.      


  • Those wishing to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles, practices and theories of human resource management.
  • Those who wish to apply the principles and practices of human resources management.
  • Those who wish to evaluate appropriate human resource management approaches and practices.  

Students will be provided with the added value of face-to-face sessions. These sessions are highly recommended, as they provide the opportunity for rich discussion and conceptual explanation and to meet fellow students with whom to network. Students who attend face to face sessions are more likely to be motivated and to remain committed to their studies. However, should students not be able to attend any face to face sessions, the learner guide, textbook and online facilitation will provide the necessary support for student success.

  British Accreditation Council 


Students should meet the following requirements:    

  • Be proficient in English.
  • Preferably have three to four years work experience.
  • Must be able to engage in self-directed study.


Human Resource Management is offered as a distance programme.     


The SLP fee excludes all programme material, which becomes the property of the student. This material constitutes a valuable source of ongoing reference.


While you can generally structure your study time as you need to, there are scheduled online sessions through which you can receive mediated support, assignment and examination deadlines and timetables, to keep your studies moving forward.     

A reliable internet connection, own device with (at least) Windows 8 and Google Chrome, are all essential for any student enrolling for this programme.


Students will be required to complete an assignment and an examination.


  • Introduction to the Management of People
  • Managing Diverse and Unique Employees
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Staffing
  • Attracting, Motivating and Retaining Staff
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Rewarding Performance
  • Training, Development, and Learning
  • The South African Labour Relations System
  • The South African Labour Legislation Framework
  • Managing Labour Relations in the Workplace
  • Managing Relational Capital 
  • Leadership of People
  • Strategic Leadership and Human Resource Management
  • Structural Capital, Culture, and Change


At The IIE's Varsity College we are proud of and passionate about our shift away from the 'traditional lecturing' methodology to our blended-learning strategy – the VC Blend.    

This blended-learning strategy extends learning beyond the confines of the classroom and creates opportunities for our students to work collaboratively, with peers and their educators, to construct their understanding of concepts. Student engagement is supported by the use of a learning management system (LMS) and the online learning materials that have been developed to underpin our teaching strategy.    

This student-focused approach compels our students to be accountable for their learning while developing the critical skills they will need to thrive in the rapidly changing 21st century work environment.    

As such, academic life for our students is dynamic, challenging and relevant.    

The content of the SLP is correct at the time of print. Please note that in line with academic practice, The IIE's programme content is annually reviewed thus changes may occur in module structure and sequence in order to ensure that the SLP remains relevant. The exit level outcomes of the programme do not change.


The IIE Human Resource Management programme is a SLP that is certified by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). Students enrolled for the SLP can submit an application for an academic credit upon completion, to be exempt from the equivalent full qualification module when registering for:  

  • The IIE Higher Certificate in Human Resource Practices (except from Human Resource Management, HURM5112w)*

*Important note: Entrance requirements apply. Please speak to a consultant for more details. Content changes may occur

All SLPs are available through The Business School at Varsity College have been specifically designed for working adults. These SLPs differ from The IIE full qualifications available through Varsity College and which are registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Before registrationstudents must ensure that the programme selected best suits their individual learning and workplace objectives.


What students past and current are saying.

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"I've completed 2 courses with The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Cape Town. My experience with this institution has been overwhelming. The staff and lectures are very helpful and excellent in the roles they play. Their schedules and time frames for each of the courses I've finished thus far have been 100% correct."

Stanley Roman

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"The course was so practical, I feel like I have the ability to go out and manage a project. It's not all theory that I have no clue how to apply. It was a privilege to learn from Bobby Keller at The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Pretoria. He has a lifetime of experience to share."

Lida van Eden

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"The IIE's Business School at Varsity College Cape Town gave me a chance to experience tertiary education the way it should be. I am able to go into the working world with some of their academic teachings and life advice."

Thabiseng Chiwashira

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